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In order to sign up to the marketplace you’ll need to have one of the supported crypto wallets.

Atlantica marketplace supports the following crypto wallets:

MetaMask – A browser extension and mobile app. MetaMask is web3’s most popular wallet and the one that we recommend to use with the marketplace.

WalletConnect – A protocol supported by many different wallets. See WalletConnect’s site to explore all supported wallets.

Once you have set up the crypto wallet, connect it to Atlantica marketplace by clicking the Log in button in the top right corner of the website, make sure that a correct blockchain network is selected in the wallet.

You'll then be prompted to connect your wallet to the website and sign a signature request.

After successfully completing all required actions in the wallet you will be automatically registered on the marketplace.

Now you can access the marketplace, customize your profile name and bio, email address, profile photo, and more.

NFT is a non-fungible token hosted on the blockchain. A token is a smart contract standard that exists on a certain blockchain, and every blockchain has different types of tokens. For example, the ERC-721 token is hosted on Fantom.

Any digital item can become an NFT. Thus, you can create NFTs with collectibles, artwork, videos, and other files.

NFTs are encrypted in the blockchain which advocates their proof of origin and excludes the risk of ownership compromising. Through tokenization, you get digital proof of ownership over your artwork and brand which can be always traced back to the very creation of the NFT.

Transactions on the blockchain are secured from scams. Items cannot be deleted or lost since they’re hosted on the blockchain.

ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens are pretty the same except for they change the number of NFT copies you can create. With ERC-1155 you can create as many copies of a collectible as you want. With ERC-721 you create a one-of-a-kind NFT collectible.

So, if you plan to sell a thousand copies of an image, choose ERC-1155 and insert 1000 into the Number field, and the minting gas fee will be charged only from the sales of the first copy of the NFT. Choose ERC-721 if you wish to tokenize your art as the only copy.

Minting is the process of the creation of a non-fungible token on the blockchain. Blockchains charge certain minting fees as it requires gas expense on smart contract encryption.

Yes, you can mint an NFT and keep it on the blockchain without sales until you decide how to further process or sell it.

You can change the price of your NFT at any time free of any charges. To change the price, indicate the new price on the collectible’s page and sign the signature request in your wallet.

ERC-721 tokens sold via auction and ERC-1155 tokens sold via offer are listed and bought for wFTM because a wrapped token allows users to make bids and offers without a fee, after they allow access to the WFTM token in their wallet.

Properties are custom traits that can be added to the token and will show up on the NFT page.

Properties, as well as levels, are used as an additional way of differentiating each token from the other, and to establish a hierarchy of rarity and relative value.

You should use properties to describe elements or parts of the NFTs. Examples of such elements would be the color of background, characters body type, eye color, etc.

Added Properties will be included to the token's metadata.

Levels are numerical traits that can be added to the token and will show as a progress bar on the NFT page.

Levels, as well as properties, are used as an additional way of differentiating each token from the other, and to establish a hierarchy of rarity and relative value.

You should use Levels when your NFT has a particular trait (like rank, level, or health) whose value is determined by a number within a defined range.

Added Levels will be included to the token's metadata.

As a content creator, you can create NFT collectibles with unlockable content. In this case, the NFT content will become visible only after you sell the NFT and transfer its ownership. Artists use this feature to enclose files of any type and format, including videos, secret messages etc. simply by entering a Dropbox or a Google Drive link.

A royalty can be applied for secondary and further sales of an NFT. When you mint an NFT, you can set a certain percentage as royalty for such sales. When you sell a masterpiece to Buyer A, and they sell it to Buyer B at a new price, you will receive the royalty calculated from the actual sales price to Buyer B.

Yes, you can report the art pieces and collectibles. To report, open an NFT’s page, click on “...” and tap “Report”. A reported item will be sent for consideration to Atlantica Marketplace's security team.